Ardbog Day - The Big Dig

Good Afternoon and welcome to Ardblog live from Ardbog Day. The Big Dig is the event that I’ve been looking forward to all week. Rumours have been flying around the Distillery that there are ancient mysteries lurking beneath the peat at Ardbeg. I decided to go and see what the Ardbogology excavation team had dug up with the help of the Ardbog Day Ardbeggians. The Big Dig is drawing a large crowd and has produced plenty of mud, sweat and joyful tears. Everyone is digging away with their spades, searching for the Ultimate treasure. Two lucky Ardbeggians Stefan Guntern and Thomas Nyffenegger from Switzerland have already found a bottle of Ardbeg 10 and a bottle of Blasda buried deep in the bog. I decided to give it a go and started digging, the rumoured 4.5 litre bottle of Ardbog my target. Sadly it was not to be and all that I found was one of Shortie’s forgotten bones. I decided to head back to the Old Kiln to replenish my energy levels with some delicious food from Calum and good conversation with my new Ardbeggian friends. Ardbog Day is celebrated around the world; share your own Ardbog Day adventures with us on Facebook and Twitter @Ardbeg_com #Ardbog.