Introducing Ogma & Buel

Greetings and welcome to Ardblog, the new source for all things Ardbeggian. Join the “Peat Heads” - Ogma and Buel - to keep you up to date with the latest events, releases and general chatter from the home of Islay's Ultimate single malt.

Ogma is the fountain of all Ardbeggian knowledge and Buel just loves to chat about his love for whisky, Islay and all things Ardbeg. They have each written an introduction below to tell you a little bit more about what who they are and what they do. Follow them here on Ardblog or through our social media channels to find out all you need to know about the untamed spirit of Islay!


I’ll never forget my first whisky. A vibrant single malt, matured in an Olorosso sherry cask, non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength. Exquisite aromas on the nose brought memories of fruitcake, warm spices and fresh pine. The palate was initially sweet and then warmed-up with a balance between sharp, cleansing citrus and chewy treacle. Since that first experience I’ve delved into every facet of whisky production. I’ve studied different varieties of yeast, the varying length of fermentation and even the subtle differences in barley types. Many whiskies have passed by my lips in this time, but Ardbeg remains the most memorable. The smouldering peat, delicate sweetness and rich spice of the malt provide the perfect match for my palate. I’ve enjoyed every expression and collected a thorough almanac of Ardbeg facts and figures. You can ask me anything about Ardbeg's history, production and processes via Facebook and Twitter @ardbeg_com #Ogma. I profess to be the ultimate Ardbeg "anorak" and I can tell you everything you would ever need to know about the ultimate Islay single malt.


There’s nothing quite like the dark complexity and powerful peatiness of Ardbeg to spark up conversation. Whether it’s the satisfied growl of a Committee member or the excited exclamation of a new Ardbeggian, Islay’s peatiest malt is sure to get a reaction. Dig deeper and you can uncover folk tales surrounding sightings of the Beist, accounts of tackling Corryvreckan in a kayak, or legends of wrestling with Islay-gators. Powerful peat and a host of untamed stories are what I love best about the Ultimate Islay Single Malt. I’m here to share some of that passion with you. Chatting to Jackie or Mickey at the distillery or toasting with Ardbeggians in Sweden, I love to be talking about Ardbeg whenever possible. I never get tired of hearing Ardbeg tales or seeing pictures of people enjoying this fabulous whisky. Feel free to share your own experiences with me on Facebook or Twitter @ardbeg_com #Buel and I’ll keep you up to date with all my Ardbeg adventures!

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