Ardbeggians everywhere

Ardbeg Day is the one day of the year where all Ardbeggians get together to celebrate our love of Ardbeg. The ultimate devotion this year is to make the pilgrimage to an Ardbeg event for Ardbog Day. Here are a few of those committed Ardbeggians on Islay today;


Boggy Welly Tossing anyone?

There's peat everywhere - soaring through the air, flying into wheelbarrows and falling off spades to the anguished moans of competitors in the Peat and Spade race. The Boggy Welly Tossing is proving particularly popular with the competitive Ardbeggians on site; people are trying again and again to break the record, which is currently sitting at a massive 24.5m


Ardbog Day - The Big Dig

Good Afternoon and welcome to Ardblog live from Ardbog Day. The Big Dig is the event that I’ve been looking forward to all week. Rumours have been flying around the Distillery that there are ancient mysteries lurking beneath the peat at Ardbeg. I decided to go and see what the Ardbogology excavation team had dug up with the help of the Ardbog Day Ardbeggians.


Introducing Ogma & Buel

Greetings and welcome to Ardblog, the new source for all things Ardbeggian. Join the “Peat Heads” - Ogma and Buel - to keep you up to date with the latest events, releases and general chatter from the home of Islay's Ultimate single malt.

Ogma is the fountain of all Ardbeggian knowledge and Buel just loves to chat about his love for whisky, Islay and all things Ardbeg. They have each written an introduction below to tell you a little bit more about what who they are and what they do. Follow them here on Ardblog or through our social media channels to find out all you need to know about the untamed spirit of Islay!


Ardbeg Ardbog Ardblog

Greetings and welcome to the Ardbeg Ardbog Ardblog. Quite a tongue-twister! The excitement has been building at the distillery and finally the time for Ardbog Day is upon us.

Ogma and I are making our final preparations and planning which order to hit the events tomorrow. Jackie has been running around making last minute preparations, Mickey has been sourcing spirit from the peaty-past and the peaty-present, and even Shortie has been digging hard to help with The Big Dig. All the while the mysterious Department of Ardbegology has been searching for the ultimate prize that lurks beneath the home of Islay’s ultimate single malt.